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Reasons for gum inflammation

Added on 14.10.2019

Girl with a healthy smile
People who suffer from gum inflammation can’t think of anything else besides getting rid of it. It can be a great nuisance and impede the sufferer’s day-to-day life. But what can one do to combat such an inflammation (gingivitis) and what are its major causes? Let’s find out more.
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Gum lifting to fix a receding gum line

Added on 11.09.2019

Healthy teeth and gums
Do your gums bleed from time to time after brushing your teeth? Do you sometimes decry reddened gums? Generally, both happens from time to time and does not necessarily have to be a sign of a problem. In some cases, however, one or both symptoms may be indicators of a gum inflammation that may lead to gum line recession. This condition can increase the sensitivity of teeth to cold and hot foods and drinks significantly and thereby reduce the quality of life of a suffering patient. Pretty concerning, right? Let’s find out more about this then.
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Allergic to brushing teeth

Added on 01.09.2019

A girl blowing her nose
Do you sometimes feel off after brushing your teeth? Do you suffer from allergy symptoms? Then it may not be your imagination playing a trick on you, but rather a real allergic reaction caused by toothpaste because some people struggle with tolerance issues regarding its ingredients (e.g., essences and preservatives). Before we get some more information about how to combat such symptoms, we need to learn a bit more about what actually causes them.
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Sugar makes the day sweeter

Added on 07.08.2019

Several cubes of sugar
According to recent surveys, people in the German-speaking realm consume roughly 100g of sugar per day and even more, when sugary drinks are taken into account. Nowadays, many of us try to reduce their sugar consumption, given that it can lead to unwanted consequences like obesity, caries, and diabetes. Excessive sugar consumption can encourage the development of sugar addiction, as part of which the body craves sugar like a drug. What exactly causes this addiction and how can one prevent or combat it? Let’s find out more!
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Interview with Dr. Katalin Martyan

Added on 26.07.2019

Dr. Martyan with a patient
Dear DentalAce Community,

This week, we are continuing our series of informative interviews with our pioneer dentists.

Enjoy the read!
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Online practice marketing optimized

Added on 15.07.2019

Online practice marketing materials
Nowadays, it is virtually everywhere, filled with tons of information, and accessible from almost any location via almost any kind of electronic communication device. Needless to say, we are referring to the internet. Today, we use it for fun or at work and to obtain all sorts of information via only a few clicks. The decision on whether to build a strong online presence or not and the corresponding financial investment is very practice-specific and has increasingly moved towards a clear “Yes” among dental practices in Austria. In this blog post, we will review how exactly online marketing can help dental practices and how DentalAce can be your trusted partner with this endeavor. Let's read on!
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Dental care vs. Alzheimer's

Added on 26.06.2019

A scrabble game board
Alzheimer’s is a disease that can, among other things, lead to memory loss, disorientation, and personality changes and is a scary specter for many people at the age of 65 or above. This neuro-degenerative disease manifests in the form of constantly worsening dementia and can, as of today, not be cured. Recent studies have shown that some fairly mundane and easy-to-implement measures, such as an active lifestyle, a healthy diet, and even thorough dental care can significantly increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.
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The cleaning power of saliva

Added on 15.06.2019

Child at the dentist
As all of you probably know, bacterial plaques are harmful for one’s teeth and for the gums because they transform food (and especially sugar) into acids, which, in turn, then attack the dental enamel. On top of that, several other toxic byproducts of a person’s typical metabolism also contribute to the occurrence of gum diseases. Saliva can offer a so-called helping hand and can boost self-cleaning processes inside the oral cavity. What is particularly important is the fact that a sufficiently high saliva production remineralizes dental enamel in areas that are at high risk of tooth decay. Interested yet? If so, let’s read on.
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Dental hygienist to the rescue

Added on 09.06.2019

Dental hygienist at work
The profession of the dental hygienist is much older than many of us may think and it was introduced in the US over 100 years ago. Since the mid-20th century, the dental hygienist has become a well-known quantity in Europe as well and has established itself in 20 European nations. This clearly shows that this profession is enjoying increasing popularity and likely a continued growth. Continuously longer lifespans and the growth of the general population are two key factors that will fuel this trend for years to come.
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Gum bleeding as a warning signal

Added on 27.05.2019

A child has bleeding gums
Surely, we all know this: after thoroughly brushing our teeth, we rinse out our mouths and suddenly discover a reddish discoloring in the rinsing water while it slowly but certainly makes its way towards the drain in a circular fashion. After a closer examination of the mouth, we determine that the source of this reddish discoloring is our irritated gum line and we quickly dismiss the event as a triviality. In many cases, this is not the best course of action since bleeding gums (especially those that keep bleeding over several days) are a definitive warning signal for a potentially more serious problem such as an inflammation inside the mouth.
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