From a slight toothache to a sweet reward

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Slight toothache – False alarm – and a sweet reward

There it was again! That annoying searing pain on the right lower side of my mouth that kept popping up out of nowhere when I was chewing food, drinking any liquid, or even taking a deep breath. Interestingly enough, I was not able to locate the epicenter of said pain – and that despite examining and trying to feel out the teeth in my lower jaw many times in front of my bathroom mirror. Now, how could that be – no trace of any discomfort from direct physical contact, yet the emergence of a sudden, searing pain out of nowhere following a sip of cold water. Alright then, off to the dentist to hopefully find a solution to this riddle. Hopefully it’ll turn out to be a false alarm … 

Sensitive teeth are the culprit

A little later, after receiving a diagnosis from my dentist, I was not quite sure whether I should relax or not. Based on an exact description of my symptoms followed by a thorough examination of my teeth, my dentist had concluded that highly sensitive teeth caused my painful episodes. As you may remember, we wrote a detailed blog post on this topic not too long ago (find it HERE) and will, thus, only give you a brief cliff notes-like summary today as a reminder. Roughly 30% of the general population nowadays suffers from sensitive teeth with the condition most frequently observed among people at ages between 20 and 40. Though sensitive teeth do not necessarily have to be precursors of more serious dental problems, such a heightened degree of sensitivity can turn even the most mundane activities such as, for example, drinking hot or cold liquids or eating sweet or sour food into painful ordeals.

How unbelievably annoying – especially since I love sweets and desserts so very much! Fortunately, since my symptoms turned out to be relatively mild and benign, my dentist advised me to start using a fluoride-rich toothpaste and mouthwash going forward to strengthen the enamel of my teeth. In the meantime, he told me that I was free to enjoy a nice dessert or two from time to time without worrying too much about sudden pain. Score – off to Rori’s then!

By the way, you can find more information about additional “do it yourself” ways and measures that you can take to alleviate your pain from sensitive teeth here:

Well-deserved sweet reward

Rori’s is a new patisserie here in Vienna that also maintains a very well-organized and eye-pleasing Online-Shop. To celebrate my not-all-that-scary dentist visit on that day, I decided to visit Rori’s physical location at Pilgramgasse 11 in Vienna’s fifth district to enjoy some delicious Pistachio Biscuits and a piece of Apricot Crumble (and I got a few more pieces to go).

Mmmmh – I can’t think of a better way to bring the afternoon to a close. If all of my future dentist visits turn out the same way, any trace of fear of the dentist will soon disappear without a trace. Our sincerest thank you to Rori’s for their exceptional hospitality and excellent selection of fantastic desserts!
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