Dental jewelry en Vogue

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Dental jewelry en Vogue – A Christmas present idea extraordinaire

A bright smile is nowadays the best introduction which is why many people invest enormous amounts of time and effort into making theirs shine as brightly as possible. Braces to get one’s teeth into a symmetrical position, whitening tooth paste, and dental bleaching are just a few commonly employed measures to reach this goal. Recently, a new trend that can make the pearly whites literally sparkle, emerged – we’re of course referring to so-called dental jewelry. And with the Christmas holidays around the corner, is it not easy to picture a nice piece of dental jewelry as a surprise gift? Would you like to know more? Definitely, because, after all, who could say no to a beaming smile such as this one!

What is dental jewelry and how is it installed?

First of all, it is worth mentioning that dental jewelry serves a solely optical and aesthetic purpose and does not yield any medical benefits whatsoever. The overarching category called dental jewelry encompasses a broad array of small adornments made out of metal and/or rare jewels or crystals that are placed onto the frontal surface areas of a patient’s teeth. The installation process usually takes less than 15 minutes and is completely free of pain. After their initial placement, dental jewelry pieces usually last on average between 6 and 24 months and can be removed at all times by a trained dentist, should jewelry wearers get tired of the extra sparkle in their smiles. Very important – dental jewelry placement and removal should be performed only by medical professionals,. Nowadays, people can easily browse for and order dental jewelry online. However, it is still recommended to thoroughly research the distributors and manufacturers of dental jewelry prior to making a purchase to make sure that the quality of the purchase will be top notch (Expert advice: look for and prefer distributors and manufacturers with affiliations to well established dental practices). 

Though the placement and removal of dental jewelry is pain-free, there are still risks that jewelry wearers should be aware of. After the initial installation of the sparkling adornment, wearers should focus on extra diligent dental care because lacking oral hygiene can lead to the following exacerbated dental issues:

  • Faster and more severe tooth decay under and around dental jewelry
  • More frequent gum inflammations
  • Allergic reactions against the substances out of which dental jewelry is made

How many types of dental jewelry are there?

Since there are as many (or more) tastes as there are people, manufacturers and sellers of dental jewelry offer a wide variety of options to interested customers. These options include many different motives and materials and some of the most frequently purchased ones are:
  • Dazzler – Thin foils made out of gold that come in many different shapes (e.g., star, flower)
  • Twinkles – Thicker foils made out of gold that can contain embedded jewels (e.g., crystals, rubies, diamonds) and that come in many different shapes
  • Skyces – Basically jewels (e.g., crystals, diamonds) that are placed directly onto a tooth’s surface without any metal casing
  • Toothcaps – Removable metal caps for the upper incisors which can be adorned with jewels
  • Grillz – Toothcaps for single or multiple teeth made out of metal and adorned either with jewels or custom engravings
How much does dental jewelry cost?
Austrian health insurers do not pay for dental jewelry since it does not serve any medical purpose. Therefore, interested patients have to pay for 100% of the costs of their dental jewelry, which fall into the following two categories:
  • Material costs – Depending on the material that is used for a particular piece of dental jewelry, costs can range from roughly € 20 for a thin gold plate to up to € 1,000 or more for pieces made out of platinum or adorned with rare jewels
  • Installation costs – Dentist labor spent on the fixation of dental jewelry on a patient’ teeth generally costs between € 30 and € 150 
Since December is already here, the DentalAce team would like to wish all of our readers and members a merry Christmas holiday season and a sparkling smile for the new year – whether with or without jewelry!

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