Sweet indulgence, sour pain - top pediatric dentist to the rescue!

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Sweet indulgence, sour pain, botched filling, and a top pediatric dentist to the rescue!

Does this ring a bell with you?

Your child loves – LOVES – sweets and can barely stay away from them. Candy, chocolates, cakes, cookies, and all sorts of other goodies that make our little ones happy – especially in Vienna, the city of top confectioners and bakers.

However, when it comes down to brushing teeth in the evening, the good mood disappears and all hell breaks lose!

„Ditch the tooth brush! I don’t want to brush my teeth right now! The tooth paste tastes gross!“

And so on...

Things get even worse when the time for the regular check-up visit with the dentist comes around and when the dentist ends up finding one, two, or even three teeth with cavities that need to be treated.

„OUTCH! Keep the drill away from me...!“

I can personally recall multiple less-than-fond memories of this sort from my own childhood.

So why don’t we embark on a brief „Walk down Memory Lane“ ...

Summer 1989, Vienna

I was just 4 years old and had already developed a strong love for sweets.

Eskimo Ice Cream was among my favorites – Brickerl, Twinni, Nogger, Erbeer Combino – and I thoroughly enjoyed eating my way through all of its variations to get some relief from the summer heat.

„Nom, nom, nom, YUMMY!“

Brushing my teeth, on the other hand, was totally „uncool“ in my book and made me turn every evening into „Mission Impossible“ for my parents.

„I just want to have my ice cream – leave me alone with that tooth brush!“

Unfortunately, my sweet indulgence came to a sudden halt as one of my molars started hurting. My parents immediately brought me to the nearest dentist who discovered that my tooth had developed a pesky, annoying cavity.

While it was (luckily) just a milk tooth, I still had a while to go until my permanent teeth would make an appearance. Thus, the dentist quickly put a filling into my tooth and solved the problem – or so we thought...

Fall 1989, Vienna

A few weeks later, we had completely forgotten about my most recent dentist visit and the arrival of fall meant that Kindergarden season would start up again.

After my first day back, I noticed a dull, throbbing pain in my right ear which became worse and worse during the following night.

„Mom, I can’t sleep – my ear hurts!“

Since common painkillers did not help, my mother brought me to our GP (general practitioner) for a check-up. After a thorough examination, the doctor recommended that we pay his friend – a leading pediatric dentist in Vienna – a visit as soon as possible.

„The pain could stem from an abscess in the oral cavity, that may not be visible to the eye.“

And so, we called the recommended dentist on the very next day to book an appointment only to discover that the first available time window was 3 days later. Since my parents insisted that we visit a specialist this time around, I had to endure the pain for a few more days.

When the appointment time finally came, the pediatric dentist discovered that my molar that had been treated and filled in the summer had not been properly cleaned and had, thus, developed an abscess. Fortunately, this specialist knew exactly what to do and, after a thorough cleaning and a new filling, he also prescribed a strong antibiotic to combat and heal the infection. 

Only a few days later I felt a lot better already – what a difference a top pediatric dentist can make!

At DentalAce, we are constantly making an effort to include top pediatric dentists in our community.

With our completely fair dentist rating system and our 2 pathways towards swift and easy appointment booking, we strive to enable our users to have a reliable connection to these specialists at all times.

Our children are our future and protecting their health should be our number 1 priority!

If you have ever had similar childhood experiences, feel free to share them with our community.

We’d love to hear from you.

All the Best & see you soon, Ace!

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