From hunger to tooth reconstruction

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From hunger to tooth reconstruction

It was a Saturday morning in late summer 2012 and the weather in Vienna was awesome!

A little over 20 degrees, sunny, and the Donauinsel – Vienna’s top outdoors recreational area – was not even that saturated with people, as many folks were still spending their summer vacations somewhere on the beaches of Greece, Spain, or Italy.

Perfect time for a bike tour!

After an early start in Heiligenstadt – Vienna’s 19th district – I crossed the Floridsdorfer Bridge to get directly to the Donauinsel.

Roughly 1 hour and about 10 kilometers later, I reached the Einlaufbauwerk Langenzersdorf – a hydro power plant intake structure that marks the northern end of the Donauinsel – and decided to stop for a bit there.

Though it was not all that hot, I had still worked up a sweat from all of that biking and also noticed that I was hungrier than I had realized.

Fortunately, I had brought a snack box with a sandwich and a salad – good stuff!

As I was digging into my meal, I must have been a bit too greedy and ended up biting into something hard.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch … what was that??!”

Suddenly, a sharp pain pulsed through my face and before I fully realized what had happened, I coughed up a piece of my left front incisor.

Apparently, I had enjoyed my food with such enthusiasm that I had tried to take a bite out of my fork – needless to say, my tooth had caved to the pressure way sooner than the metal fork. 

“Fantastic … so back to the city to replace the bike tour with a dentist tour…”

What I found especially annoying about this situation (besides the situation itself) was the fact that, most likely, very few dental practices would be open during the weekend.

When I returned home an hour later and started placing phone calls to dentists who I hoped could help me, I found out firsthand how right I had been.

Dental practice 1 – transferred to an answering machine.

Dental practice 2 – gave up after 3 attempts and 10+ rings on each try.

Dental practice 3 – dentist picked up … and said: “Closed during weekends”.

“Man, this can NOT be happening!”

After almost 2 hours of internet surfing and fruitless phone calls, I managed to finally reach a dentist who was actually working on weekends.

Unfortunately, one little detail was still off – the dentist was working on Sundays – but it was still only Saturday …

“Okay, enough!”

Since I luckily did not feel that much pain, I decided to hold off on any emergency dentist visits and, instead, drugged up on aspirin tablets and waited until the following Monday to visit a top-rated aesthetic and cosmetic dentist in Vienna.

Of course I did not know such a dentist in Vienna, so I had to crawl the web for another hour to find, compare, and select a suitable dental practice with leading specialists in cosmetic dentistry.

First thing on Monday morning, I went straight to that practice and was fortunately able to snag an appointment on the very same day.

The tooth reconstruction procedure went over without a hitch and I was already walking around with a brand new left incisor on that very evening.

Ultimately, everything went well and I am back to taking healthy bites out of my meals.

Aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry is advancing increasingly quickly nowadays and constantly increases the speed and quality of reconstructive procedures, like the one I had done.

Therefore, we at DentalAce are constantly making an effort to include top cosmetic dentists in our community to provide easy and convenient access to the best aesthetic and cosmetic dental procedures to our users.

If you have similar stories to tell, feel free to share them with our community.

We’d love to hear from you.

All the Best & see you soon, Ace!

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