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Ceramic implants – better than titanium implants?

Added on 26.11.2019

Dentist implanting a dental implant
Ceramic implants as tooth replacements are becoming increasingly popular given that they can not be differentiated from healthy teeth by color and that they offer a metal-free alternative to titanium. But what are the pros and cons of ceramic implants as compared to titanium implants? And how do their relative costs stack up? The following blog post answers these important questions and goes into additional details. 
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Laughing gas helps you relax

Added on 29.04.2019

Small child sleeping
Over half of all dental treatment-seeking patients have a queasy feeling when paying a dental practice a visit and some of them even suffer from so called dentophobia which manifests itself in the form of shaking, sweating, and stomach cramps and which, in severe cases, can also lead to panic attacks. In order to ensure an uneventful dentist visit, an increasing number of dentists nowadays use laughing gas, which has been in use as a proven sedative in many dental practices around the globe for many years. Sounds great, right? Then let's find out a little bit more!
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General anesthesia at the dental office

Added on 18.01.2019

General anesthesia during dental treatment
Going to the dentist, sleeping through the procedure, and going home without any pain – sounds ideal to many of us and, particularly, for those who suffer from dentophobia. However, it is not quite that easy. In this blog post, we’d like to explore in which cases (and for which dental procedures) general anesthesia can be useful and what kinds of costs and risks you should know about!
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Dental implant instead of missing tooth

Added on 15.06.2018

Take a big bite out of an apple
Does this sound familiar to you?

Not too long ago, I was going to boxing training almost every day not only to always remain super fit but also to share the pain of body-weight and balancing exercises with a group of fellow sufferers. During one of our weekly Sparring Sessions, however, things got a little too heated and suddenly the spectators could see a tooth flying through the air ...

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Putting on a dental crown

Added on 08.06.2018

A dental crown blends in perfectly with your healthy teeth
Has this ever happened to you?

After weeks, months, and years of eating yummy food, one of my teeth started hurting. “Oh oh, hopefully this’ll just be a little boo boo …” I thought jokingly to myself but a dentist visit soon thereafter brought the inconvenient truth to the forefront: my tooth root was infected ...
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Dental Implant or Denture

Added on 27.04.2018

Denture for the lower jaw
Have you ever been in a similar situation before?

Sometimes, the unexpected hits you out of nowhere and affects exactly those who are the least prepared. A broken tooth is never a fun matter...
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